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Posted on 2008.05.19 at 19:17
Here is an example, not necessarily my best, of a binding I made myself:

Internally book was fine except for part of one page. For the spine I took the leather from the cover of an old law book I found at the Salvation Army Store and glued it to some nylon mesh for stability. The cloth is bookbinders cloth you can find at a few specialty stores in town. The Title on the spine is from the original binding which I did a crappy job of cutting down and glueing to the spine. I have used elmers glue for all my binding. Although it is not what you would call optimum, heated hide glue and paste being "de rigueur" for fine binding; it does have the virtue of being cheap, easy to work with, will last as long as I plan to; and most importantly can be removed should the need arise.

Posted on 2008.05.17 at 19:26
Current Mood: mischievousmischievous
Here is one of my books, assuming I can get the image inserter to work. Curse my middle age techno-incompetence.21st century luddite is starting to look much better as a pose than a reality!
OK I think that worked The Book is THE WORKS OF SIR JOHN SUCKLING CONTAINING HIS POEMS PLAYS AND LETTERS Printed in Dublin (No doubt to evade British copyright laws) by Oli Nelson at Milton's-Head in Skinner row in 1766.
Suckling was one of the "Cavalier Poets" (as opposed to a roundhead or puritan during the English civil war) and an all around randy motherfucker. Some of his poetry is still entertaining: here is one of my favorites:


It is not four Years ago,
I offer'd forty Crowns,
To lye with her a Night or so:
She answer'd me in Frowns.

Not two Years since, she meeting me
Did whisper in my Ear,
That she wou'd at my Service be,
If I contented were.

I told her I was cold as Snow,
And had no great Desire,
But shou'd be well content to go
To twenty, but no higher.

Some three Months since, or thereabout,
She that so coy had been,
Bethought her self, and found me out,
And was content to sin.

I smil'd at that, and told her, I
Did think it something late:
And that I'd not Repentance buy
At above half the Rate.

This present Morning early she,
Forsooth came to my Bed,
And Gratis there she offer'd me
Her high-priz'd Maiden-head.
I told her that I thought it then
Far dearer than I did,
When I at first the Forty Crowns
For one Night's Lodging bid.



Posted on 2008.05.06 at 19:21

Tired, Lazy, and nothing much to say here's something by Thomas Merton


Nombril walketh on the loam
Feeling pretty nasty 
Saturday he came upon 
Mister Periphrastic:
"Mister, scrap your Theodore ,
Dumb today, tommorow senseless,
Can you write no better verse
They'll take away your pencils.

Pardon me my farthing face,
Pardon you your poundish presence
They took away my birdish box 
I use for keeping flocks of pheasants 
Robbed me of my case of bears,
Stole away my pocketfox
Indeed the sly unknown monsieurs
Have treat me mighty shabby
Treated me like dogs."

Nombril walketh on the sand 
Flying mean and close,
Scuds around to pester mister
Smacks him in the nose:
"Mister clap your theaters 
Alms today, tommorow boons,
Meanwhile I snatch your writing pen
Like I warned you once.

Pardon me my penny presence,
Pardon you your Dieu me sauve
I picked up a dirty word  that 
Fits you like a glove,
They took away my crate of geese
They all unwound my mouses pen
They foxed my box of antelopes."


I love this poem, but find the unmetrical last line most ungratifying.Maybe there is a lesson in that, but it's lost on me.

sleep of reason
Posted on 2008.05.03 at 19:30
Current Mood: supercilius
   Yesterday, walking home, a car pulled over and it was my friend Jay,  whom I hadn't seen in well over ten years. As happens we are both older, more gray, and as happily aimless as ever. This is the second time in less than a year that I've run into an old friend that I was actually glad to see again. People whose acquaintance I wish would expire: they seem to appear with annoying regularity. Anyway I asked Jay if he ever made use of the internet (being a neophyte myself ) and he replied "Heidegger said that 'man is the servant of technology not the other way around.' " or something to that effect. Now Jay is one of the few people I know who has really read all  those German thinking machines and, I presume understands them. Myself I find all that ontological masturbation exceedingly tedious.I could not help but notice, though, that I was walking and Jay was driving a car. We pick and choose. Speaking of tedious ontological masturbation; I'm finding my own entry here pretty damn boring. Oh well soldier on ... I strongly suspect that the Nazi connection aside Heidegger was an asshole. I know for a fact that Schopenhauer was an asshole,  but, infinitely more readable.Myself I prefer Rousseau, not for all the 'return to the natural state of man' nonsense, but because he was a great walker. Hegel was also a great walker, but again, certified asshole. I grow tired of myself. Later.

Posted on 2008.05.01 at 21:18
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  sooooooooooooo......................................................................................................................................................It's all come to this.

Posted on 2008.04.30 at 21:30
 Just wanted to quickly note: Albert Hoffman, inventor of, and first to take LSD died  at the age of 102. Sadly: another life cut short by drugs.

Posted on 2008.04.29 at 21:37
Current Mood: listlesslistless
 Why...why this?Boredom?Narcissism?A spiraling introversion that only seems to feed on itself makeing me further unfit for human discourse? All of the above and 16 weeks into a semi grueling treatment for hepatitis C has left me little energy for much beyond  random tapping tapping at the keybore...oh and I just remembered Dean Forbes is a slimey cocksucker...Google that asshole, track me down instead of trying to intimidate the ill and beseiged. Esoteric I know but isn't that what this is all about.

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