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sleep of reason
Posted on 2008.09.21 at 19:56
Current Mood: taciturn

In the corner of the living room was an album of unbearable photos,
many meters high and infinite minutes old,
over which everyone leaned
making fun of the dead in frock coats.

Then a worm began to chew the indifferent coats,
the pages, the inscriptions, and even the dust on the pictures.
The only thing it did not chew was the everlasting sob of life that broke 
and broke from those pages.

by Carlos Drummond de Andrade 1902-1988

From the Portuguese by Mark Strand in the anthology:
POEMS FOR THE MILLENNIUM  The University of California Book of Modern and Postmodern Poetry
Volume One: from Fin-de-Siecle to Negritude


Treebyleaf McCurdy
treebyleaf at 2009-06-16 06:30 (UTC) (Link)

<lj user=voronoa>

My deepest apologies for this inappropriate use of the comment system; I've exceeded my limit of personal messages.

Vorona / Heather... They are asking people who want to say goodbye to her in person to please drop by the UW hospital tomorrow, 7th floor East, room number 7536, please keep it very quiet and loving and brief so that everyone can have a little time with her.

-- Treebyleaf
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